Saturday, September 29, 2012

Ok fine, I'll say it....what about sex?

One question came to mind....what about sex? Seeing that, after the procedure, I wouldn't be allowed to take part in the wonderful "hormone therapy movement", where would that leave me?  Would I actually want to have sex? and would I even enjoy it after all this?

You might think this is a stupid concern to have,when your life is at stake, but for me....well I chose to wait until I was married, which technically makes me a (she says in a hushed tone) v*i*r*g*i*n. So I wondered if all this meant that I would never experience sex like everybody else. Which would be yet another way that this gene (BLOWS1) makes me different from other people.

According to my doc, sex drive will deffinitely be effected...but seeing as sex for a woman is very emotional....maybe even more so than physical...this particular side effect can vary from woman to woman.

Seeing as I'm "single central" at the moment, I won't have an answer to this any time soon. But no worries, once I'll be the first I tell.

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