Sunday, September 30, 2012

Put down that dumbell!!

I got all of the important questions, and all the BIG concerns answered during my first consultation. Now that the decision was made, and the surgery was was time to go over the "recovery-day to day" stuff.

My latest pre-op appointment went a little something like this:

Doc: do you have any questions or concers?
Me: will I have to stop working out?
Doc: (holding back a "duh" look) yes, for 6 to 8 weeks.
Me: (holding back an "I hate you" look) really?
Doc: yes!
Me: for 6 to 8 weeks....really???
Doc: yes and YES!
Me: Is there anything at all I can do for excercise?
Doc: Yes, I do want you to walk. Walking will be good for you.
Me:(expressing an "I just saw a silver lining" look) oh that's great! how many miles are we talking here?
Doc: (expressing a "concerned" look) miles?? I meant you can walk in your hallway at home.......

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  1. Hi Rosie,

    I read on the FORCE message boards that you are going to have your ooph on Tuesday. I am 2 weeks post operation. If you want to read about my experience and post op experience you can check out my blog at I am also interested in what type of mastectomy you had and about your recovery. ( I will be having my prophylactic BPM in January. Good luck to you on Tuesday! Take it easy after your surgery. It's a bummer not to work out for a while, but give your body the time it needs to heal well. God Bless.