Thursday, September 27, 2012

The big 2012 ovaries debate!

After the phone call, comes the sister came to the appointment with me..per my doc's request. I suppose it makes sense that they ask you not to come alone. "All the information can be a little overwhelming" what they say.
Here are my options:  do I take out only the mass? or do I take out the mass and the one ovary? or do I take out the mass and both ovaries? or do I take out the mass and wait for the results of the report and then take out my ovaries?  or do I bite the bullet and take out the mass, both ovaries and the uterus?   "what about the fallopian tubes?"........what about the fallopian tubes???    so now it's I take out the mass, the ovaries, the uterus and the fallopian tubes?... and how about a kidney or two just encase?!  yep....why would this be   overwhelming....?
In the end, given my family history (mom and grandma died from ovarian cancer)...and my genetic disposition (BLOWS1 positive), I felt it would be best to take everything out now, to clean up house, close up shop! I know it will be one less burden I'll have to carry. Of course, it will be replaced by other burdens....but nobody's perfect..right?



  1. Rosie, you are a great writer! Not only is this blog encouraging to those reading it, but I'm sure it will prove therapeutic for you. Kudos to you for being brave enough to share your journey and positive attitude (while making others laugh!)! Good talking with you tonight! Will keep you in my prayers for Tuesday.

  2. thanks Jennifer! and thanks again for talking with me tonight, you gave me some great ideas. thanks for taking the time.:)