Friday, October 5, 2012

Doctor's Orders!

Day 3 post-op....and in the interest of full disclousure.....I think I'm getting hot flashes!

The doc called yesterday, and I ran it by her...she says that can happen....but I'm having difficulty figuring out weather they are in fact hot flashes. They occur pretty randomly, and only last a few I can't say it's been that annoying. If this is the worst of them, I think I got off easy!

My stomach is slowly deflating to its original size...but we're not completely there yet. Upon waking up from surgery, my bladder felt so heavy and full....and my stomach was so incredibly bloated...due to all the gas they pumped into me during the procedure. I remember saying "I'm so bloated I look like I'm pregnant"....immediately followed by the thought "oh wait, I'm never actually going to be pregnant".   That stung....but truthfully I was too focused on getting home, to actually dwell on that realization.

I was very determined to get discharged...and once they threatened me with a "catheter"....I started downing  water like a champ...and was finally able to empty my they had no choice but to let me go home. Mission accomplished!

Aside from feeling exhausted....and disguting from not being able to wash and blow dry my stomach pains are really the worst part of it. The doc says I'm experiencing more pain than the norm, probably due to my previous stomach surgery (DIEP reconstruction after mastectomy). It left my stomach really the gas they pumped me with might hurt a bit more than usual..."a bit????"

I was told to walk around my house, which I'm doing.....but was also told not to lift anything! Tomorrow is moving day...(did I forget to mention?)   and I have been told to basically disappear and not lift a I guess my sis and brother in law will have to do all the heavy lifting.  You see that, there's a silver lining to everything.

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