Friday, October 12, 2012

Put down that remote!

You know you're watching way too much Daytime tv when you start having dreams about General Hospital!

But thank God, I am going back to work on Monday. I am 10 days post-op, and I feel great. The pain in my stomach was pretty severe the first 4 days, but then it started weaning down...and now it's almost all gone. I feel a little pain whenever I cough really hard, or laugh really of course, my brother-in-law is constantly trying to make me laugh.  I am contemplating punching him in the stomach next time he does it...hmmmm....

Went to see the doc for my post-op check up, and she said everything looks good. The results from the lab came in, and they confirmed that the tumor was bening...and was in fact endometriosis.
Bottom line....not a cancer cell in praise God!  She set me up with a follow up appointment in 5 weeks, and took back the "pre-surgical preparations" dvd she had given me before the surgery. As I handed it to her....I thought "whoooo hoooooo.....I never want to see that freaking thing again!!".
(though I tried to hold back my excitement, and urge to chuck the dvd out the window)

In regards to side effects....I do seem to get tired faster than usual, and yes...I am getting hot flashes! They're not all that bad....I'm maybe getting 6 to 7 a day, but they only last a few seconds, and should calm down with time.

I started taking a Coral Calcium supplement, as well as a Raw Vitamin D3 supplement....for bone health and strength....and will be monitoring any further side effects as they come.

In all honesty, I feel like a huge burden has been lifted off of my shoulders....and I don't miss my ovaries one little bit. I'm not saying I won't have my "sad" moments....but what I know I won't have, are any "regret" moments.

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  1. I hope your first day back to work is going well. I could use a little hot flashes right now, my office is freezing.