Thursday, October 4, 2012

r*e*s*p*e*c*t......find out what it means to me.......r*e*s*p*e*c* a hysterectomy.

I' m two days post-op, and all i can say is.....ouch!

The day of surgery started very early, was in the pre-op holding area, strapped on to 3 ivs by 6am. Shortly after that, the doc arrived and came to talk to me and the family. She explained the details of the procedure, but all I noticed was that she was holding my hand the entire time. I really like my doc.

Soon after that, my prince charming Mr. Anasthesiologist showed up, and Rosie started to go bye bye......and all i remember thinking was "please God let this be the last time"....

About 3 hours later i started to come to. My stomach felt like it was going to explode, in fact, it's been 2 days and it still feels like it' s about to blow!

A few minutes after I came to, my dad arrived to the room and told me that the surgery went well and that...get this....the tumor was benign. EVen though I had already been told.....I just kept on asking..."was it really benign?"    I must have asked like 8 times.

Sometimes you get so used to hearing bad news, you stop thinking you'll ever hear a good one.   But Blows1's got notin' on my God!


  1. I am so thankful that you go good news, And your doctor sounds amazing. Was your doctor a gynaecologist or a surgeon? Perhaps both?

    1. She is both, and she is really cool. In her office, she has pics of hot celebs on the ceiling.....during my last visit...I was looking up at George