Thursday, October 18, 2012

No more house arrest

Today marks 16 days post op, and I still feel great!   That's the good news.....the bad news is...I still can't work out for another 5 weeks. Or so my doc says.....

Where's a good loop hole when you need one! But I think I've found a way to get me back into the gym, with her approval!  She did mention that I would be able to walk, in fact...she said that I SHOULD walk, so I am taking that as a green light to visit my old friend "The Treadmill".

I stopped in at they gym yesterday after work, and got myself a monthly membership until I am ready to resume my "hard core" training. So now I can just go in and walk on the treadmill....and maybe work my way up to a stationary bike and...dare I say..... the possibility of an eliptical trainer!

After my first surgery (mastectomy with DIEP reconstruction) I had to check in with the doctor every other was a 6 week recovery. She would always ask me: "Do you have any questions?"    and I would say "Yes! can I start boxing again".    By the end of the 6 weeks she said that all she could think of anymore, when seeing my name on her schedule, is an image of me punching people. nice!

Going back to work this week has been great, feels good to be able to be back this quickly, and to get back into my routine. I'm not the best patient.

Recovery has been going really well, though the hot flashes are I think increasing. It's not too bad, I know they will calm down in time, but right now they're powering through at full force! I go from normal, to warm, to sweating hot, to cold in about 10 seconds. Clearly, my body temperature is a little off.  I'm also showering way more, because I'm sweating a whole lot!...I know, very attractive.

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